CORRECTION: Brian Stovsky – From High School Sports to Sports Event Board Member

Brian Stovsky

May 1, 2021

“This release replaces and corrects the release that ran on March 31. This release removed the statement that Brian Stovsky is a member of the Cleveland Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), as he has only applied to be in the program

At Empower Sports, the sport’s physicality is imbued with a sense of community and a desire for a better life for everyone, not just athletes. It is also about allowing everyone to interact with people from different backgrounds socially.

Brian M. Stovsky, Cleveland, OH, took on an important job at Empower Sports. However, he played hockey and lacrosse as a teenager on a highly successful sports team. His love of sports has brought him to create opportunities in sports for different communities.

Brian Stovsky also attended Miami University OH, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

Brian M. Stovsky’s High School Years

In high school, Stovsky played hockey and lacrosse for his school’s team. Later continuing his sports journey playing at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York. After college, he transferred to Miami University, OH, where he played hockey for two years.

After graduating from Miami in 2013, Brian went to Cleveland State University to earn his MBA. He worked for PwC in Cleveland and Chicago, then moved to PWC to Edgepoint Capital, an investment bank in Cleveland.

He used his aggressiveness and skills to compete in adult hockey, which later helped in his business career. He is a board member of Empower Sports, which has helped bring him closer to his community through sports.

Brian M. Stovskys Work in the Community

Brian M. Stovsky is a young man who has given something back to his community by empowering people through sports. Empower Sports is an organization that encourages everyone, regardless of skill level, to enjoy sports and share good sportsmanship. It shows that the physical and mental discipline in sports is crucial both on and off the pitch.

Oswald Companies hired him to take charge of Oswald Companies Private Equity’s business development, an insurance broker based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Brian M. Stovskys Home Life and more

Currently, Brian lives with his girlfriend and their dog. As a leading entrepreneur, Brian M. Stovsky has done as much for his community as he does his family and his professional life. He was describing his work with the organization as one of the most important aspects of his career.